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Have you been feeling unwell lately?

Have you found yourself feeling unusually “off” starting within the last 18 months?  If you've been having
dizziness, insomnia, headaches, ringing in the ears, or other unexplained neurological impairments, these could be a result of your exposure to electromagnetic pollution including pulsing microwave radiation emanating 24/7 as of late from “smart meters” and their supporting wireless infrastructure.

Please check your electric meter!  If it has digital LCD numbers you have been given a “smart meter” by National Grid, possibly without your knowledge.  Even without such a meter you might nevertheless be having symptoms.  These might be due to RF or radio frequency transmissions from neighbors' meters or from the microwave repeater network of 180 WiMax antennas used to communicate in both directions between smart meters and the utility.

Learn about our health survey.  Then add your input so we can determine how many Worcester residents have been affected by AMI - Advanced Metering Infrastructure.

What do YOU know about "Smart" Meters?

Here are 13 questions to ask yourself -

and National Grid ...

 1  What is a "smart" meter and why does it matter?

      A:  Not to be confused with parking meters, Smart Utility Meters report our ongoing

     energy usage back to National Grid on a 24/7 basis.  This encourages conservation

     by charging higher rates for peak-time usage.  In the Worcester Pilot, 15,000

     "smart" meters send readings over 900 Mhz channels to one of ~180 pole-mounted

     WiMAX relays. [1]  These repeaters microwave the combined neighborhood data to

     one of 14 collector towers. [1a]  This two-way network enables the utility to

     remotely control non-essential appliances during peak usage events ... they can

     even shut off your power.  Implementation of this wireless network also affects our


More about "Smart Meters"

2   Am I legally required to accept a “smart” meter on my home?

     A:  No.  But Mass. DPU has approved an extortive tariff of $11 per month on each

     National Grid customer wanting to “opt out.” of having AMI or AMR meters. [2]

More on Coercive Participation

3   Can I expect higher energy bills with a “smart” meter?

     A:  Yes.  Bills have consistently risen after meters have been installed in other

     States. [3]  That's on top of NG's 11/15 increase due to government mandates to

     shut down coal-fired power plants and rely on natural gas, solar or wind.  Prices

     will further escalate once Time-of-Use or Time-Varying pricing begins for everyone.


4   Are “smart” meters causing fires?

     A:  Yes.  Throughout the world many, many fires have been attributed directly to

     “smart” meters. [4]  Video: 

More on SAFETY

5   Will “smart” meters reduce energy use and help the environment?

     A:  No.  NSTAR wrote that DPU's decision to mandate AMI (smart meters) would not

     be cost-effective. [5]  National Grid reported no reduction of average use [5a]

     NSTAR (now Eversource) said the same about its 2012-2013 pilot. [5b]

     While special meters handle and collect power generation data from solar & wind

     installations it is not essential they be "smart meters" to facilitate integration of

     solar & wind generation with the grid.  Their radiation is harmful to plants, animals

     and humans.


6   Are there known health effects related to “smart” meters?

     A:  Yes.  Possibly thousands have become ill following installation.  Meters emit

     near-microwave radiation at levels higher than those that cause biological effects.[6]

     More and more people, including Worcester residents, are reporting exposure-

     -related injuries, including Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS).

7   How much radiation do “smart” meters emit?

     A:  Wireless “smart” meters emit pulsed radiation 10,000 to 190,000 times per day.

    [7]  This means that you are getting zapped 24/7 at levels known to cause adverse

    biological effects - even if you "Opt-Out" but your neighbors have "Smart Meters".

8   Have “smart” meters been proven to be safe?

     A:  No.  No comprehensive studies exist.  Many countries have much lower RF safety

     limits than the U.S. to protect their people from radiofrequency over-exposure. [8]

More on Biological Effects

9   Is my Data Shared with 3rd Parties?

     A:  YES!  In 2012, San Diego Electric shared consumption data with 10 government

     agencies such as FBI, DEA & ICE; none with legal warrants, 74% without

     subpoenas. [9]  No basic, comprehensive data law, based on notice and consent,

     exists in this country to make utilities voluntarily protect household data. [9a]


10 Can "smart" meters be hacked?

     A:  YES!  Not only for your usage data, they can be "hijacked" to turn off your

    power; to control any "smart" appliances you might have; or, use all of these in

    tandem with other parts of the "smart" grid to cause power outages, for example.


11 Who actually benefits from “smart” meters?
A:  The only benefits ratepayers see are electric usage graphs on the internet.
     The Worcester pilot costs nearly $3,000 per meter. 
[10]  If deployed statewide the
     cost would be over $7 Billion.  Many industries benefit from “smart” meter
     deployment at ratepayers’ expense.


12 Are YOU aware that 15,000 “smart” meters have been installed on

     businesses and homes in Worcester, many without the knowledge or

     consent of their owners?

13 Is YOURS a “smart” meter?

     A:  It is if your meter has a digital LCD display!

As NStar said:  "There is no

rational basis for the implementation

of AMI ('smart' meters)" [5]



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