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Biological Impacts

of Dirty Electricity

     There's nothing new about "dirty" electricity.  Universal motors* have always created transient or instantaneously varying spikes or dips in the line voltage just as the electric "shoe" contacts in trolley cars create variations in the line voltage as their contact with overhead lines (or the third rail) is instantaneously made and broken while under load.

RFI or Radio Frequency Interference became noticeable with the advent of radio broadcasting in the 1920s.  While stations now broadcast with as much as 50,000 watts,

those first stations used only five to one hundred watts.  RFI was most apparent near

trolley lines.

     Fluorescent lights inherently cause dirty electricity by their operation:  Their mercury vapor arc is broken and reestablished 120 times each second when the 60 hertz alternating current crosses zero volts and reverses.  The instantaneous spikes or pulses on a power line can be as short as 1/250,000,000th of a second (250 Mhz). We hear this electrical

noise as buzzing or static on AM radios especially and to a lesser extent on VHF-TV and FM broadcasts. 

Dirty Electricity on the Rise

    The proliferation of switching power supplies, power factor controllers in refrigerators and the circuitry in TVs, computers and other electronics have greatly increased line noise, often "drowning out" all except local AM stations.  While you might not care to listen to out-of-state AM broadcasts this increased electrical 'noise' can affect more than radios or other electronics.  How does this 'noise', that emanates from household wiring and plugged-in appliances (even if they are not turned on) affect living things?

     While radio frequency noise produced in consumer loads such as electronic and digital devices are regulated by the FCC there is another new source that, while it may not reach you through the air from its source, can still get into your surroundings through power lines.  The Conventional Electrical Power System (CEPS) having a few large central power plants is evolving into a Distributed Generating System (DGS) with many small power sources like home solar panels and wind turbines at schools, etc.

     The management and matching of these many ever-changing sources of ever-varying power outputs with the many ever-changing loads requires instantaneous communications between these many 'players' to quickly and automatically maintain and correct changes in voltage and current along all lines to avoid damage to either generators or to electrical loads.  This ongoing adding and dropping of sources and loads introduce line noise in and of itself but the administration of this activity uses devices most of which now use transformerless or switching power supplies greatly adding to the radio frequency noise or "dirty" electricity fields around all wiring.  Moreover, communication between such devices is done wirelessly, which can only add to one's biological load of exposure . [421] 

     Smart Utility Meters have been installed in place of the long-familiar electro-mechanical analog meters with dials and a spinning wheel.  Their role is to not only automate meter reading but to enable frequent readings almost continuously in order to facilitate time-of-use (TOU) or time-varying-pricing to encourage conservation and shift usage away from peak-usage times of day and, at the customer's option, temporarily shut off nonessential appliances such as air conditioners.  These meters send and receive both ways to monitor and manage energy use.

     Even if you don’t have a Smart Meter, you may be affected by RF emitted by meters

your neighbors might have.  The microwave pulsed by the meters - and the microwaves from neighboring meters and neighborhood repeaters is enough to manifest symptoms.  Buth smart meters also broadcast Very Low Frequency or VLF harmonics (dirty electricity) through your wiring (because of their switching power supplies) whenever they transmit a burst of data.  The British government recommends keeping clock radios a meter from the bed. [423]  The Michigan Smart Meter Education Network has much more on Dirty Electricity. [424]

Wireless or Not, Smart Meters' Switching Power Supplies Produce Dirty Electricity 


     You can connect parallel coils (such as Stetzer, Greenwave and Satic brands) to your electrical circuits that can filter & greatly reduce the levels of transient spikes that create disrupting electromagnetic fields around your wiring.  A clear & concise explanation of how switching power supplies generate these high frequency transients and how you might reduce their fields by installing Stetzer filters is here [427] along with a short (4 min.) but informative video. [428] 







     Filters like the Stetzer do not work in all instances and might even make matters worse. This is revealed in a case study at the home of a fireman who felt "discomforted" while off-duty for several days at a time.  He had installed photovoltaic panels with inverters he suspected of producing dirty electricity; his symptoms went away if he turned the system off.  He brought in an environmental engineer who found the inverters output a 60 hz sine-like wave with 20 khz sawtooth peaks and valleys; that one of his inverters was defective; that installing Stetzer filters, though they cleaned up the "noise" on the meter, did not make him feel better, even when the defective inverter was eliminated and placing the filters with advice from David Stetzer; but that DNA line filters cleared up the EMF from his home. [429]   


*        Such motors are so called because they can run on DC as well as AC current.   These use 'brush' contacts that instantaneously cut off, then reestablish current flow as the motor spins.  These are the noisy motors used in vacuum cleaners, power tools or other applications where maintaining torque over a range of speeds & loads or that require frequent startups that would much more quickly burn out similarly sized induction or synchronous motors.


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