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May 17, 2017

April 25, 2017

Local Opportunity to Speak with State Senators

Commonwealth Conversations is coming to Worcester on April 25 for its last stop on a statewide constituent listening tour.  Other Senators may be in attendance in addition to the five Senators from our area.  People may come from all over the state for two minutes to pitch their concern(s). 
Arrive EARLY for ease of parking, signing in near the top of the queue to speak, and getting a seat.
Plan to speak for no more than two minutes. A timer goes off and folks get antsy if you don't wrap it up right away.
Multiple voices on the same topic but from different personal experiences will make a difference.
Our Senators are taking the on-line comments and in-person testimonies seriously, and will be using them to set their priorities. They did this last session too, and have posted the outcomes. 
Please, if you cannot attend the forum on April 25 (Worcester), take a moment to send in your thoughts. The 
website allows you to fill out a quick survey on-line, or send in an email.

Seven Hills Foundation

April 25th @6:30 PM,
81 Hope Avenue, Worcester, MA 01603​    


Holistic Moms Network Presents...

“Making the Invisible Visible; A Look at EMFs

(Electromagnetic Frequency)”

Join us as local Reiki Master, Leslie Saffer, shares information on artificial EMFs and the radiation risks posed by proliferating wireless devices, including digital electronic meters, aka smart meters. We will learn ways to protect ourselves from these invisible hazards.

March 9, 2016  at 6:45pm - 8:15pm

Northborough Free Library, 34 Main St., Northborough, MA

Holistic Moms Network is a national non-profit organization

Supporting Parents in Natural, Health Conscious Parenting & Eco-Friendly Living

Our chapter is compiled of a diverse group of holistic moms throughout Worcester County and surrounding areas. We welcome all moms (and dads) with an interest in holistic health and green living no matter what stage you are in your journey.

"Innocenzo" a play about an electro sensitive clown


We had originally planned a performance by this Swiss troupe here in Worcester for April, 2016, but this is postponed until further notice.

Innocenzo blends live music, humor and magic to tell the tale of a clown who
falls sick. After visiting many doctors and healers unable to explain his
bewildering symptoms, he finally understands his illness is being caused by
electromagnetic pollution and begins to heal. Joyous, poetic and for all ages, the
story is inspired by the experiences of its' creators (see supplementary materials).
The performance offers people of all ages the opportunity to reflect on the role
the digital world is playing in their lives and post-show suggestions for making
sure their use of wireless technology is as safe as possible. The French version of
the show premiered in Switzerland last September. More at


This performance will be followed by a discussion about Electromagnetic

Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS), recognizing it's symptoms, ways to know if you are being exposed to EMF / RF and what you can do to mitigate its effects.

Jonathan Mirin as Innocenzo

Piti Théâtre Company hails from Switzerland and is touring our area this spring. We must regrettably cancel their performance at the Worcester Library until we have built a sufficient base of interest.  To learn how you might help, please see:


If you see this after Tuesday, Dec. 2nd, it's still not too late.

To view a trailer and  excerpts from Innocenzo and their other plays for children please see:

Past Events

Monday, June 15, 2015               Printable Flyer

Wireless Smart Meters, Radio Frequencies

and Health:  The Health Effects of EMF
(electromagnetic fields created by cellphones,

Wi-Fi, smart meters, antennas)

Monday June 15

7:00-8:30 pm  FREE


242 Mill Street


Dr. William Maykel


Monday June 22, 2015

MA Smart Meter Fraud Complaint

(and how Worcester residents can contribute)

Monday June 22

7:00-8:30 pm,  FREE


242 Mill Street

Worcester, MA

Patricia Burke

Please take the confidential health survey for those negatively affected by ‘smart’ meters and utility infrastructure

“devoid of credibility, over-engineered and mind-blowingly expensive.”