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Comprehensive source: "Smart" AMI meters:

Peer-Reviewed Studies
Independently funded Science shows serious adverse health effects

The BioInitiative Report 2007  Science-based meta-study (updated 2012, 2014) on health effects of RF - a review of over 2000 studies by 14 world-renown scientists that show adverse health effects from low-level radiofrequency radiation (RF). 

BEMRI  The Bio-Electromagnetic Research Initiative (BEMRI) has been formed to create a research portal, for the scientific community and interested members of the lay public, which helps to rapidly disseminate international research findings, best practice measures and scientific hypotheses on matters related to electromagnetic (EM) phenomena.  

• Dr. Zory Glaser’s archives - 1950’s to 1972 - 2300
studies, many from the military, show adverse health
effects from low-level radiofrequency radiation (RF).
• Dr. Glaser served as Senior Scientist in the Navy,
NIOSH, and Bureau of Radiological Health, among
other posts

EMF-PORTAL, info platform of RWTH Aachen University, summarizes systematically scientific research data on the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) in both English and German. Has extensive literature database with an inventory of 23,748 publications and 5,848 summaries of individual scientific studies on the effects of electromagnetic fields. 







Epidemiological & Engineering Studies on Cell Sites, Broadcast Towers 


California Survey Results:  (11 MB)

Health Action Network, Vancouver BC

One of the oldest, most established groups fighting smart meters in California is:

Enter an address, city or zip code to find cellphone, broadcast, land-mobile and other antennas near you.


[like but for France and it's possessions]



Environmental Health Trust


Electromagnetic Radiation Safety:  Scientific and policy developments regarding the health effects of electromagnetic radiation exposure from cell phones, Wi-Fi, Smart Meters, and other wireless devices. Database of peer-reviewed, published scientific studies and an extensive blog compiled by

Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D.,
School of Public Health
University of California, Berkeley  


מרכז ידע לאומי להשפעת הקרינה הבלתי-מייננת על הבריאות

مركز المعلومات القومي لتأثير الأشعة غير المؤينة على الصحة

The Israeli National Information Center for Non-Ionizing Radiation (limited number of pages translated into English)

Topical Interest Sites

Baby Safe Project 

National Association for Children and Safe Technology


Parents For Safe Technology

C4ST - Canadians For Safe Technology

International Institute for Building-Biology® & Ecology

Creating Safe Havens In A Toxic, Electromagnetic World

OSCILLATORIUM - many, many different topics.  Mix of general interest & peer reviewed 

Citizens for Safe Technology  


The People’s Initiative Foundation is a brand new non profit charity dedicated to educating the public on making change where there is stagnation in the areas that deeply effect us all, but have been overlooked by our government.  Their newsletter is chock full of links. 



Cellular Phone Task Force  is dedicated to halting the expansion of wireless technology because it cannot be made safe. by educating the public concerning electromagnetic pollution (electrosmog) and advocacy for an electromagnetically cleaner environment  

Understanding EMFs  An easy-to-read overview of issues surrounding electromagnetic fields (EMFs) generated by wireless technologies: cell phones, cordless phones, Bluetooth, laptops, iPads, iPods, smartboards, classroom access points, wearable devices, baby monitors, utility "smart" meters, etc., as well as cell towers and wi-fi routers.  Discusses the emerging Scientific studies and also how the wool is kept over the public's eyes by company campaigns to question health advocates and spread Doubt.  Assembled by Cecelia Doucette of Ashland, MA. 

Smart Grid Awareness, A Website by SkyVision Solutions, Consumer Protection Advocate

Privacy, Cyber Security and Health Issues



Quotes From Experts 

News Sites 



EMFacts Consultancy 


Competence Initiative for the Protection of Humanity, Environment and Democracy has brochure series, 'Effects of Wireless Communication Technologies'.

in German at:

Also translations in English, Spanish, French & Italian.

Wise Up to Smart Meters

Facebook Pages

Wireless-Free Living Communities (Open Group – read messages without joining):

Website for people forming EMF-free communities (buying land, looking for partners, funding, etc.) in various regions of North America:




Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, What the Industry Has Done to Hide It, and How to Protect Your Family  by Dr. Devra Davis 


Living Safely with Electromagnetic Radiation  by J. Waugh, Castle Mountain Publishing, 2010.

Pathological Effects of Radio Waves by Mariya S. Tolgskaya and Zinaida V. Gordon, Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR, Moscow. Translated from Russian by Basil Haigh. 146 p. $13.50. Published by Consultants Bureau. Division of Plenum Publishing Corporation, 227 West 17th Street, New York, N.Y. 10011, 1973. 


Clare Donegan and Patricia Burke of have produced 27 programs on WCCA-TV-194 on Worcester's Charter Cable Community Access Channel.  The series is called "About Smart Meters".  Episodes are listed here:

WCCA TV13 produced Soapbox show is hosted by WCCA Executive Director Mauro DePasquale.  

Patricia Burke, Clare Donegan, and John Dick present their opinions about the Smartgrid system.

Mauro welcomes Patricia Burke and Clare Donegan to Soapbox.

Patricia Burke talks about Smart Meters.

Patricia Burke and Ray Pealer share information about EMF.

DPU Hearing Feb. 2014   3 part series:
(3 hours total)
MA Dept of Public Utilities Smart Meter Health Hearing, Feb. 2014 with investigative journalism clips from directors of the European documentary film "Microwaves, Science, and Lies" about DPU testifier Peter Valberg, who is a career tobacco scientist. MA activists have filed a fraud complaint as the result of this hearing and the subsequent smart meter order, and are calling for an investigation of the Worcester smart meter pilot program.

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