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     The consequences of overexposure to wireless energy, either in duration or intensity, have been discussed elsewhere on this site.  Yet wireless technology has changed our lives in so many ways it would be untenable, if not impossible for many, to turn back the clock.  So how can we have our cake and eat it too?  Part of the answer lies with finding ways to try and reduce the amount of "wireless" coming from our technology when we use it, if and when it is impractical to eliminate it altogether.  

     Mitigation, remediation or elimination of EMF can be done to some extent at three levels:

-- By turning off and unplugging unused appliances, testing your living or working space with meters and, if necessary, shielding one's personal space;  [980], [981], [981a] 

-- By educating landlords and property managers of the importance of shielding their

building to protect their tenants, equipping them to negotiate rooftop leases with cellphone and other wireless service providers to include costs of such mitigation of potential harm to their tenants from wireless exposure; [982] 

-- By engaging our political leaders at all levels and by educating our fellow citizens to urge our leaders to make changes similar to those made for other possible or probable human carcinogens like tobacco, asbestos, DDT, lead, thalidomide, chloroform and engine exhaust.

-- By advocating for the development of Visible Light Communication (VLC), an emerging technology that is currently being developed which, when combined with Fiber Optic Broadband, could provide a safer, faster, more efficient and more secure alternative.

VLC seems likely to have far less detrimental biological effects on humans, wildlife and nature. [984]

     Technology safety educator Cece Doucette recommends simple steps like turning off WiFi & Cell Phones when not in use; placing devices in "airplane mode"  for stand-alone use and hardwire devices when possible; [985] 

     Technophiles in San Francisco love their older Edwardian homes but these are likely to have thick plaster (not sheetrock) walls backed by heavy 3/8" to 1/2" woven metal screening that has been found to block Wi-Fi and other RF signals. [986]  But an EHS individual might feel fortunate to live in such a home for the protection it affords.

      An apartment building, especially built for people with electromagnetic or chemical allergies, opened in Zurich, Switzerland, the first of its kind in Europe, in 2015. [987,987a]  Shielded apartments have also been built in Oregon.

     If you are unable to implement shielding measures and are unable to function because of EHS you may have to move to a 'quiet' zone like Green Bank, WV., where radio waves are restricted by law to a minimal level for the National Radio Telescope Observatory.  This happened to a West Boyalston woman who established a career in California but could no longer live there when banks of smart meters were installed at the apartment building next door. [988]  Learn about Green Bank, WV.  [988a]

They sell shielding products and meters to measure various kinds of EMF / RF.  See their page.  One Worcester resident is severely affected but has painted a room with conductive graphite paint that seems to relieve electromagnetic sensitivity.

Electromagnetic Fields and Autism: What You Need to Know to Protect Yourself - Emil De Toffol  

The EI Wellspring

Practical Tips for Coping with Chemical and Electrical Hypersensitivity

article on whole house shielding built by an electrical engineer having both Electrical Sensitivity and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.  EI Wellspring is a great practical resource site for those with Environmental Intolerances

articles about EHS and the diseases of civilization

They sell plugin devices to neutralize EMFs.

Oct. 11, 2014

EMF Mitigation, RF Shielding Materials Efficiency

A California company specializing in indoor environmental surveys has recently conducted RF shielding efficiency testing on a fabric bed canopy and completed shielding of a commercial building with a cell tower on its roof.  They want to continue evaluating the real-life performance of consumer RF shielding products to better understand their efficiencies.  If you know of projects where products such as paints, foils or wire meshes will be used, they could test the RF levels prior to and after completion. They use a Narda SRM 3006, a state-of-the-art and calibrated instrument.  Below are links to the bed canopy testing results and cell tower shielding project.  Their intent is to provide realistic solutions to the ever increasing wireless radiation levels.

Bed Canopy Testing Results

Cell Tower Shielding of Commercial Building 

Other Resources:

Gigaset Cordless Phone


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