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Jun 20, 2017  FOX25, Boston

Ashland residents meet to discuss potential health risks of wireless radiation

May 11, 2017  Sophia Hall, WCBS, New York

Woodbury, L.I. Residents Furious Over Cellphone Repeaters On Their Block

April 25, 2017

Parents Fear Children Having Brain, Heart Tumors After Mini Cell Phone Towers Go Up In Neighborhood

March 20, 2017


The James Madison University Environmental Sensitivities Research Team is inviting adults aged 21 and over who have experienced environmental sensitivities (chemical and/or electrical) to participate in on online study of how their needs are being met as they grow older with sensitivities. If you are interested in participating, please click on the link below to see the consent form and learn more about the study. If you are unable to complete the survey online, you are welcome to request a hard copy that can be mailed to you. To request a hard copy please email or call 540-568-6195 and leave a message with you name (clearly stated) and your complete address. Thank you ahead to everyone who helps me with this study. To take the survey online, copy this url into your browser:

Pamela Gibson, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology
James Madison University, MSC 7704
Harrisonburg, VA 22807


December 21, 2016

Residents Push back Against Google Fiber Hut, Jesse Degollato, KSAT-12, San Antonio, Aug. 5, 2016

These are being placed in parks in cities all over the country.  While not wireless they are ugly.

December 21, 2016

Do you know any EHS children in the US, or know of a way to get in contact with someone who would know many?

I am working with on a list to get our government to recognize EHS people and their rights, but I need to work on getting a substantial number, like 5000.

Angela Tsiang <

December 7, 2016  Sophia Hall, WCBS, New York

LI, Westchester Residents Concerned About Plans For New Cellphone Poles

October 16, 2016

Ask Mr. Dad: Is your child screen dependent?

Armin Brott, The Journal Times (Milwaukee)


October 11, 2016

 Initiator of first-in-nation “Best Practices” program for wireless to speak in Worcester 

     CeCe Doucette of Ashland, MA and Worcester resident, Leslie Saffer, will appear next week before the meeting of the Worcester School Committee’s Standing Committee on Teaching, Learning and Student Supports to address concerns/ solutions related to wireless devices and their infrastructure. Ms. Doucette is the initiator of Ashland Public Schools’ Best Practices for Mobile Devices, the first program of its kind in the nation. Ms. Saffer is a member of the Worcester Info Team for Health (WITH) which addresses associated issues. The meeting is open to the public and will take place Monday, October 17, at 5:30pm, 20 Irving Street, Room 410
The Worcester School Committee recently approved a proposal by Standing Committee Chair, Brian O’Connell and fellow member, John Monfredo, to allow the information to be heard on the 17th.  See video: 11:45 to 20:04 at:
     The October 17 presentations by the two women present decision makers and residents with a unique informational opportunity for accessing independent input to support making responsible, factually-informed decisions affecting public health.
Studies show children are among the most vulnerable populations within a rapidly rising radio-frequency-intense environment from ubiquitous wireless devices, resulting among other things, in DNA damage. Recently released preliminary findings from a years-long cell phone study by the U.S. National Toxicology Program prompted  the American Academy of Pediatrics to issue new recommendations “to reduce exposure to cell phones.”
     In May of 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer/World Health Organization (WHO) classified radio frequency electromagnetic fields as a Class 2B “possible” carcinogen. In May of 2015, Professor Martin Blank, Ph.D. of Columbia University, served as the spokesperson for a core of international scientists (updated figure: 221) calling on the United Nations, UN Member States and WHO to strengthen exposure guidelines. See:
     Mr. O’Connell and Mr Monfredo have pursued learning more about the radio frequency issue following their meeting with the Worcester Info Team for Health,

prompting them to share the information with their colleagues. WITH takes an empowering, cooperative approach to this complex, multifaceted issue by sharing illuminating information from independent science sources while providing options for solutions.

FMI:  Leslie Saffer at 508.860.2019

June 23, 2016   by   MILIND R   &   SANDHYA SUNDARARAGAVAN

Smart meters are the way to go

...according to this promotional piece from India

April 13, 2016

Google appears set to launch Project Loon across US

They've requested FCC for license to test wireless spectrum in the millimeter bandwidth in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.  To provide Internet to remote locations begining on January, 2017 for 2 years.

April 8, 2016

AT&T Wants to Eliminate California Landlines

...and abolish all landlines everywhere else by the year 2020.  Neither the greater reliability of landlines, nor their greater safety over cellular nor your ability to use wireless devices nor freedom of choice for any reason matters to them.

Wi-Fi in Schools—the Risks and the Realities - Dr. Karl Maret, Camilla Rees and Teacher Shelley McDonald

Podcast by Occupy EMF Harm. Three different perspectives on the risks to children from Wi-Fi in school are shared in this podcast--a medical doctor and engineer deeply familiar with microwave-emitting technology, a school teacher of 9th grade Math who may be fired, possibly in retaliation for raising concern about Wi-Fi risks to children, and a long-time electromagnetic field researcher and health advocate.  [1 hour]

February 29, 2016  by Jack O'Dwyer

Calif. Health Dept. Calls Wi-Fi Utility Meters a Health Hazard

Santa Cruz, Calif., County Board of Supervisors declared “smart” (wireless) electric and water meters to be “health hazards, safety and consumer fraud risks.”  See Moratorium on SM installation:


February 25, 2016  by Andrew Maykuth

Hearing ordered in 2nd customer complaint about Peco smart meters

Act 129, Pennsylvania's 2008 energy-conservation law orders all utilities to deploy smart meters with no opt out. But PUC's majority said they're duty bound to hear evidence that meters may violate the utility's legal obligation to provide safe service.

February 1, 2016  By Jack O'Dwyer

New York City Wi-Fi Kiosks Said to Violate Civil Rights

The only public meeting about Google deploying 7500 kiosks was held in Brooklyn.

A meeting held at NYU had no literature table and no press were allowed.

January 27, 2016

Wireless gigabit home Internet to Launch in Boston

Starry 1 Gigabit/sec wireless broadband will launch in Boston with no data caps.  Uses 30 Ghz millimeter wavelengths thus availability limited to locations that are "line-of-sight" to nearby rooftop-mounted base or access tower.  Its 30 Ghz signal apparently DOES go through walls to some extent.  This is suggested by an illustration on the Starry site.

Scroll down to the picture of a home showing suggested locations for the "Starry Point" transceiver that makes your connection with the tower and is connected to your router.  You can distribute that service in the usual ways; by ethernet or by Wi-Fi frequencies.  But how will this affect birds, insects and ground critters?

January 24, 2016

Lawsuit:  Edna and Marshall Pettipas vs. Bell Aliant

Edna Pettipas of Afton, Nova Scotia updates us on her lawsuit against a cell phone company with tower near her home, together with an urgent request for additional pledges of donations.

January 20, 2016

Study: Multiple Chemical / Electro Sensitivity:

Are You A Woman Over 65 With MCS/ES?






January 14, 2015

New England Electric Rates to be Investigated

Transmission costs are 60% of an electric bill in the New England states.  40% or less in other parts of the country even though their populations are spread more widely. Infrastructure upgrades that are not means tested might be an explanation.  Such power lines have 9% to 12% rates of return.

November 30, 2015,  Daily Mirror  (London, UK)

Teen Allergic to Wi-Fi Commits Suicide, Parents Say

By Rachel Grumman Bender

November 30, 2015   Yahoo News

Schoolgirl found hanging from tree after suffering from 'rare allergic reaction to WiFi'

By Alex Wellman

November 10,2015

Major TV News Coverage of Wireless Radiation

Electromagnetic Radiation Safety blog lists news stories from the networks and their affiliates.

October 15, 2015

Apple’s biggest fan has died

By Michael S. Rosenwald

Gary Allen flew everywhere to attend the openings of new Apple stores and blogged about the proceedings.  He was only 67.  Cause of death:  Brain cancer

September 21, 2015

The Insanity Continues

September 17, 2015

Hill Hot Over Tower Workers' RF Exposure

FCC Source:  Look for Order on Exposure Issues by Year-End

September 3, 2015

Watch National Grid's misinformation barrage:
"Many Faces of AMI 'smart' Meters"
28 Minute Video:  
2 Minute Preview

July 28, 2015

Hacking a “Smart” Cherokee Jeep

Yes, through its mobile connected entertainment system.  They made both the

radio and the air conditioning run full blast and the engine to rev at a crawl no matter how hard the driver pressed the accelerator.  Realize the consequences of IoT, the Internet of Things.  Also see video:

July 12, 2015

Call for Electrosensitives for New Study

July 10, 2015

Smart Meters Put Grid Security at Risk

by K.T. Weaver, SkyVision Solutions

Grid security is at risk according to an article today at GCN which provides information, insight and analysis to the Government IT and Education IT sectors.

“The technical issues that interrupted service for the Wall Street Journal, the New York Stock Exchange and United Airlines on July 8 illustrate how dependent the economy is on technology.  As IT staff worked to fix the problems, at least their computers and phones worked, and the lights and AC were on.  A failure of the electrical grid, on the other hand, would make the problems at the NYSE look like, well, just glitches.”

July 6, 2015

Victory in 16-month Standoff as PSREC Drops Fees and Restores Electric Service

A Californian who suffers from EHS who thus became an anti-smart meter activist and who was retaliated against by his electric utility by being denied power for refusing a SM and for refusing to pay extortive fees for the privilege of not being harmed and impaired by microwaves even though others were allowed to opt-out without fees has won in court!

June 30, 2015

MA Activists Renew Call Against Smart Meters After Harvard’s Fraud Report

June 10, 2015

A Smart Grid Pilot: Early Findings at AESP Spring Meeting

At the Association of Energy Services Professionals conference in Portland, OR, National Grid, along with partners CEIVA Energy and Itron, presented some early findings of the Smart Energy Solutions program, involving up to 15,000 residents in Worcester.  The presenters said to use qualified and trained installers for home installation; be prepared for challenges associated with certain types of home construction that might impact signal strength throughout the home and plan for multi-family and meter vault scenarios.

June 8, 2015

Charging Devices with WiFi microwaves

A new case for the iPhone was released in late April, 2015 that can supplement the charge on the phone's battery by harvesting cell phone RF, converting it to a small but significant DC current.  Soon you'll be able to charge phones, tablets and other portable devices wirelessly with the RF from your WiFi router:  With a software patch, It will transmit charging waves during the breaks between data packets or during network inactivity.  You will be continually impinged upon with microwaves but who cares?  You won't need to look for a charger anymore :

May 9, 2015

New iPhone case harvests RF from the air to Run the Phone:  30% more battery life

FM stereo receivers, CB and shortwave radios were the electronics of the early 70s.  Their sensitivity was specified in so many microvolts.  Our grandparents used crystal sets to receive local stations on tiny earphones.  Who would ever have thought there was so much RF energy in the air?  Most of it comes from the phone itself but placing near a WiFi router was said to increase yield.  They plan to later come out with an external panel that will charge batteries - maybe even run your house like solar panels - but on RF waves! :



April 8, 2015

Utility Sales May Drop by Half as Homes Make Their Own Power

One of the downsides is that utilities will need to find additional ways to charge for maintaining the grid infrastructure despite the projected loss of revenue.  One way is to assess solar generating customers for line use or transmission of what they generate and sell back into the grid.

March 30, 2015 by infinitired

Seattle’s First EMF-Reduced Homes Debut in the Central District

TV show features character with Electro Magnetic Sensitivity
      There has been discussion of the new TV show "Better Call Saul" with the character, Chuck, who suffers from extreme "EHS."
      The show is Mondays, at 10pm on AMC (or on demand online provided you subscribe to AMC on cable). 
      AMC archives episodes for a while. They're all still up. Episode 1 is available for another week or so:

      Episode 3 is the only one that did not feature the ES character.  To contact AMC:

      Episode (#5) was seriously intense.  The ES character had a totally traumatic visit from the cops, and ended up in the hospital with a skeptical doctor.  It was finally confirmed by name that his condition is Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. This time he was featured in two major segments, almost 20 minutes total, almost half the show.  Substantial coverage of the issue.

January 22,2015  | By Barbara Vergetis Lundin

National Grid to invest $93M in Rhode Island infrastructure project

NG had planned back in 2009 a smart meter deployment on Aquidneck Island and in Newport which is now happening:  $96 million in AMI to be completely deployed by 2020.

December 9, 2014 | By Jaclyn Brandt

300-mile underwater cable to bring energy to New England

An alternative to bring 1000 MW from Quebec Hydro down to Mass. and RI.

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