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March 2017

Massachusetts Cell Phone & Wireless Safety Legislation
Five Cell Phone & Wireless Safety Bills introduced in Massachusetts Legislature

Massachusetts' state legislature introduced five bills to address wireless radiation and public health.  Cece Doucette, with Patricia Burke & Janet Johnson, explain in 30 minutes. takes you to Ms. Doucette's site with lots more info.


S.107 (Sen. Julian Cyr) would require manufacturers’ RF safety information to be plainly visible on cell phone product packaging or direct customers to safety notifications within the user manual including information pertaining to RF radiation exposure, compliance with RF regulatory requirements, and the minimum separation distance between the device and the person’s body.

S.108 (Sen. Julian Cyr) would require the following language to appear on cell phone product packaging: 
"To assure safety, the Federal Government requires that cell phones meet radio frequency (RF) exposure guidelines. If you carry or use your phone in a pocket or the phone is otherwise in contact with your body when the phone is on and connected to a wireless network, you may exceed the federal guidelines for exposure to RF radiation. Refer to the instructions in your phone or user manual for information about how to use your phone safely."
      This notification is required by the model cell phone “right to know” ordinance that was adopted in 2015 in Berkeley, California. The 
Berkeley ordinance allows the retailer the option to post the notice in the store or place it on cell phone packages.

S. 1268 (Sen. Karen E. Spilka) would create a commission to study the health impacts of electromagnetic fields (EMF). The commission will review non-industry funded science on the health impacts of all sources of EMF on reproductive systems, brain function including memory loss, diminished learning, performance impairment in children, headaches and neurodegenerative conditions, melatonin suppression and sleep disorders, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, immune dysregulation such as allergic and inflammatory responses, cardiac and blood pressure problems, genotoxic effects like miscarriage, cancers such as childhood leukemia, and childhood and adult brain tumors.
     The commission will study whether EMF has a disparate impact on potentially vulnerable subgroups including children, fetuses, pregnant women, the elderly and those with pre-existing illnesses or impairments. The commission will investigate whether children are more vulnerable.
     The commission will file a report by July 31, 2018, and recommend legislation needed to protect public health including a recommendation on whether children’s EMF (including Wi-Fi) exposure in schools should be eliminated or reduced. No commission member shall have a financial conflict of interest.

S.1864 (Sen. Michael O. Moore, Worcester) would give residents the right to keep non-RF-emitting water, gas and electrical meters instead of "smart" utility meters without having to pay extra fees. Ratepayers will have the right to request that utility companies remove wireless meters and install electromechanical analog meters that emit no RF radiation.

H.2030 (Rep. Carolyn C. Dykema, Holliston) would require the state government to develop best practices and guidance for the purchase and installation of wireless internet service in public schools, colleges and universities. The guidelines would prioritize practices that protect the health and safety of students and staff.


Joint Committee of Public Health:, (chair),,,,,,,,,,,,,   15th Worcester,,

Senate Bill 1785 promotion of wireless meters

sponsored by Sen. Pacheco

An Act to protect our environment and update our climate action plan

Inform these legislators that smart metering will not result in long-term job creation, safety, security, cost savings or environmental stewardship. 

Petitioners:      617-722-1551

End the Opt Out Tariff!

Contact your State House district representative and members of the subcommittee on Telecom, Utilities and Energy. *

Ask them to support the No-fee opt out bill 1864 sponsored by Sen. Michael Moore.

Please be sure to identify Worcester as your city of residence, where the National Grid smart meter pilot program has been deployed.  This bill would allow for anybody to have smart meters removed from their homes at no extra charge.  (Currently a fee of $11 a month as declared by the Department of Public Utilities is on the books. NG says the fee is charged for meters to be manually read. The bill would also guarantee that people in multi-family homes would not be affected.
Note: identifying the name and e-mail of your legislator’s constituent services staff person is the recommended way to communicate with your legislator.,

13th Worcester District         617-722-2460

14th Worcester District  James.O'           617-722-2090

15th Worcester District,            617-722-2210

16th Worcester District       617-722-2006

17th Worcester District      617-722-2060

                         aide:  617.722.2060, ext. 8566

*Telecom, Utilities and Energy Subcommittee Members
Sen Benjamin Downing <>,
Sen Marc Pacheco <>,,,,,,,,,,
Daniel.Donahue@mahouse.gov16th Worcester,,,,




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