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​​​​Biological Impacts of

Non-Thermal EMFs


Health Effects of Non-Thermal, Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation

      Thousands of studies and other scientific literature [320320a] show that exposure to wireless radiation is responsible for numerous medical symptoms and conditions including Autism [321].  Radio frequency radiation (RFR) (ranging from 100 kilohertz to 300 gigahertz) of lesser or non-thermal intensity nevertheless have physiologically detrimental influences over sensory or neurological processes. [322]  Biological effects may not necessarily be harmful and/or may only be temporary and/or only affect certain 'populations at risk' like growing fetuses and children.  A compilation of studies of effects of non-thermal levels of RF is here. [322a] 


  “The existing exposure guidelines are based on protection from

acute injury from thermal effects of RFR exposure,  and may not be protective against any non-thermal effects of chronic exposure.”  [324]


       "Exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiation also reduces melatonin which limits a body’s ability to scavenge the free radicals and therefore contributes to enhanced Apoptosis and cancer rates.  Melatonin is also necessary for a healthy immune system. Reduced melatonin is also associated[with]depression and suicide and therefore is likely to be associated with violence of homicide.  Since electromagnetic radiation damages the DNA and reduces melatonin it is scientifically logical that it also enhances many of the natural paging [sic] process in people, animals and plants.  These conclusions are strongly supported by robust evidence that natural weather related effects are caused by natural electromagnetic fields and radiation with extremely small intensities.  Therefore it is logical and proven that humanly generated fields and radiation at intensities from a thousand to many billion times higher, also significantly enhance a wide range of adverse health effects, including cancer, heart disease, sleep disturbance, depression, suicide, anger, rage, violence, homicide, neurological disease and mortality." [325] 

"New wireless technologies and applications have been introduced

without any certainty about their health effects, raising new challenges

for medicine and society.  For instance, the issue of so-called non-thermal

effects and potential long-term effects of low-dose exposure were scarcely

investigated prior to the introduction of these technologies." [326]


     "In human health studies, concerns have been expressed about the possible interactions of RF-EMF with several human organ systems such as nervous, circulatory, reproductive, and endocrine systems.  In order to reveal the global effects of RF-EMF on gene and protein expression, transcriptomics, and proteomics as high-throughput screening techniques (HTSTs), were eventually employed in EMF research with an intention to screen potential EMF responsive genes and/or proteins without any bias (Nylund and Leszczynski, 2004).  The safety standards set by ICNIRP, adopted by India, has only taken into account the short-term effects and not against the biological effects from long-term, non-thermal, low-level microwave exposure from mobile phones, cell phone towers, and many other wireless devices."[327]

     The International Electromagnetic Field Scientist Appeal launched in 2015

with 190 scientists having over 2000 peer-reviewed papers on the biological or health effects of non-ionizing radiation.   This group submitted two demands to the UN, its member states and to the World Health Organization (WHO):  The need for more stringent regulation of radio frequency radiation and better disclosure of the health risks associated with wireless technologies.  The scientists are calling for Protection from Non-ionizing Electromagnetic Field Exposure.  As of March 22, 2017, the Appeal has 225 signatures from 41 nations. [328]






      Bodily influences can be caused by cell phones and/or Wi-Fi devices but such uses are voluntary and intermittent.  While the radiation sent out by broadcast stations is of much greater power and is continuous by definition, it is of much lower frequency and longer wavelength than microwave and near-microwave energy.  Physiological and neurobehavioral effects on human subjects are well documented.  See for starters.


Excitation of Voltage Gated Calcium Channels

Other Scientific Findings

     The Blood Brain Barrier helps to keep heavy metals and other harmful substances out of the brain but when rats are exposed to cell phone radiation for two hours their blood brain barriers are opened more efficiently with as little as 1/10,000th the energy of a cell phone at its antenna than with the full intensity of that phone's radiation.  Being two meters from a cell phone or 190 meters from a cell phone tower exposes a human head to ~1 watt per kilogram, the level said to be most efficient at opening the blood brain barrier in rats.  Up to 2% of the rats' neuron were found to be damaged from that single two-hour exposure when they were sacrificed and examined 50 days after that exposure. [330] 


Blood brain barrier

     Non-thermal microwave and lower frequency EMFs act upon living cells via voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCC).  Why do such low intensity non-thermal exposures activate VGCCs?  Because the voltage sensor of VGCCs is exquisitely sensitive to the electrical forces produced by EMFs.  The forces on the voltage sensor are ~7.2 million times higher than are the forces on singly charged chemical groups in the aqueous phase of the cell.  This very high level sensitivity also predicts that safety guidelines allow us to be exposed to EMF levels ~7.2 million times too high. [332] 

     The Pineal Gland secretes melatonin which helps bring on sleep.  Newly discovered calcium based microcrystals within this gland have been found to be piezoelectric in response to near-microwave radio frequencies from 500 Mhz to 2.5 Ghz. [333]  

     Sites linking to a gamut of studies, review articles, news and opinions on the effects of EMFs on people, plants and animals are listed [334].




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