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​​​​​​​Biological Impacts

of Wi-Fi™

     We have become 'addicted' to wireless convenience, first with cordless and cell phones and more lately with our computers and other digital devices.  Let's review how some are being affected by Wi-Fi and how communities are addressing the problem in their schools and other public spaces.  Also, what practical steps can we take within our own personal space to protect our children and ourselves by minimizing our exposure while continuing to live in the modern world? [638]



Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs (modernized)

     Wireless routers, access points and the devices 'connected' to them primarily use radio frequencies in the 2450 Mhz band.  This band is also used by cordless (DECT) phones, video baby monitors and microwave ovens!  Recent newscasts have featured some who are affected by Wi-Fi microwaves. [639]  Schools are now installing 5.8 Ghz Wi-Fi networks to use their additional greater bandwidth and speed but the higher frequency is already having increased negative effects on the students they are supposed to help.​​​


     "Electromagnetic fields from Wi-Fi transmitters have been found to alter electrical activity in the human brain and decrease a measure of attention during a memory task (Papageorgiou et al., 2011; Maganioti et al., 2010).  A Wi-Fi-enabled laptop can decrease human sperm motility and fragment human DNA (Avendaño et al., 2012).  Wi-Fi signals can damage growing rat testes (Atasoy et al, 2012).  Exposure to a Wi-Fi router can increase heart rates in some people (Havas, 2010).  Many other studies have found effects at microwave exposures within the range of those experienced by users of Wi-Fi-enabled computers.  Examples can be found here.[640] 


​​     A Colorado woman experienced severe symptoms including "seizures, ataxia, vertigo and headaches." when a neighbor installed a WiFi router having a public hotspot feature.  These subsided when she left her apartment. Her neighbor replaced the router with one without the hotspot feature and her seizures stopped immediately and her other symptoms faded away. [642]

     Parents of a 12 year old in Southborough are suing their son's school.  They allege their son gets headaches, nosebleeds and nausea at school since 5.8 Ghz Wi-Fi was installed there in 2013. [643]  Their lawsuit seeks an order from Federal Court directing the Fay School to make reasonable accommodations to prevent ongoing harm to G from Fay’s Wi-Fi emissions because, unless such an order is issued,


     "(i) G will lose his rights of access to Fay, a public accommodation within the meaning

     of the ADA,
     (ii) G will suffer the loss of the safe and non-injurious educational opportunity Mother
     and Father have paid for, G has worked for, and Fay has promised, and

     (iii) G, Mother and Father will continue to be denied their contract rights secured by the

     Fay Student and Parent Handbook, all of which will irreparably harm G in a manner not

     adequately compensated by monetary damages. This action also seeks damages for

     breach of contract and negligence, and for reasonable attorneys’ fees as allowable under

     the ADA."[643b]


     A similar case is challenging the Telecommunications Act of 1996 as being unconstitutional if it overrides the ADA rights of individuals. [643c]  Because children's bodies are smaller, their skulls are thinner and they are growing there are concerns their tissue is more adversely affected by non-thermal RF exposure.

What Science Has Found

     Increased Wi-Fi use is contributing to ADHD and coronary problems [646]  including "numerous, potent mitochondrial toxins in our environment today – mercury, insecticides, pesticides, chemicals such as phthalates, pharmaceutical medications and electromagnetic & RF/wireless pollution itself."  Dr. Sinatra describes RF radiation as the “newest” mitochondrial toxin.  [646a]  The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) "strongly supports the use of wired Internet connections, and encourages avoidance of radiofrequency such as from WiFi, cellular and mobile phones and towers, and “smart meters.” " and "With WiFi in public facilities as well as schools, children would be exposed to WiFi for unprecedented periods of time, for their entire childhood. Some of these signals will be much more powerful than would be received at home, due to the need for the signals to go through thick walls and to serve many computers simultaneously. Signals in institutions are dozens of times more powerful than café and restaurant systems."  [646b]  



      Barrie Trower speaks of the genetic damage that can be done to eggs as they are formed in the ovaries of a female fetus in her first 100 days In utero (14 min.). [646c]  Some experience an histamine response in the presence of WiFi devices.  Damage to nasal tissue is shown for rats exposed to nearby 3G & 4G frequencies of 2100 MHz at 0.4 W/Kg, which is only 25% of the level considered safe in Canada. [647] 

Safety Precautions Worldwide

     Both the Israelis and the French have curtailed use of Wi-Fi in schools.  The Israeli Ministry of Health (MoH)  stated in 2014, “Precautions should be strictly enforced with regard to children, who are more sensitive to developing cancer.”  The Israelis differentiate between the WHO's health threshold (short term thermal exposure) and environmental threshold, that is, long term exposure:  In buildings or other places people spend long periods of time the environmental threshold is set to 10% of the thermal health threshold while it may be up to 30% of the health threshold in non-continuous exposure locations like parks, courtyards and roofs. [648] 

     In 2015, the French totally banned Wi-Fi use in nurseries with children aged 3 and under and require WiFi be turned off for older students when not in use. [649][649a] 

Both the French & Israelis require this unless schools retain their older and more reliable hard wired network connections instead as the Simcoe County, Ontario schools have done. [650]  The Parliament of South Tyrol, Italy reconfirmed their application of the Precautionary Principle by ordering replacement of wireless networks in schools, nurseries and public buildings where possible with those emitting less radiation. [651] 

     In 2015, the school committee of Ashland, MA adopted recommendations to educate

staff & students on minimizing use, posting advisory signage and eventually replace

school Wi-Fi with hard wiring. [653]  Concerned local citizen Leslie Safer reached out to Worcester's School Committee to invite Cecelia Doucette of Ashland, MA. Initiator of first-in-nation “Best Practices” program for wireless to speak before the meeting of the Worcester School Committee’s Standing Committee on Teaching, Learning and Student Supports to address concerns/ solutions related to wireless devices and their infrastructure. Ms. Doucette is the initiator of Ashland Public Schools’ Best Practices for Mobile Devices,

the first program of its kind in the nation. Ms. Saffer is a member of the Worcester Info Team for Health (WITH) which addresses associated issues.
     The October 17 presentations by the two women presented decision makers and residents with a unique informational opportunity for accessing independent input to support making responsible, factually-informed decisions affecting public health.
Studies show children are among the most vulnerable populations within a rapidly rising radio-frequency-intense environment from ubiquitous wireless devices, resulting among other things, in DNA damage. Recently released preliminary findings from a years-long cell phone study by the U.S. National Toxicology Program prompted  the American Academy of Pediatrics to issue new recommendations “to reduce exposure to cell phones.”
     In May of 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer/World Health Organization (WHO) classified radio frequency electromagnetic fields as a Class 2B “possible” carcinogen. In May of 2015, Professor Martin Blank, Ph.D. of Columbia University, served as the spokesperson for a core of international scientists (updated figure: 221) calling on the United Nations, UN Member States and WHO to strengthen exposure guidelines. See: 
     Mr. O’Connell and Mr Monfredo have pursued learning more about the radio frequency issue following their meeting with the Worcester Info Team for Health,
prompting them to share the information with their colleagues. WITH takes an empowering, cooperative approach to this complex, multifaceted issue by sharing illuminating information from independent science sources while providing options for solutions.

 Ms. Doucette spoke [653a] about the adoption by her town of a set of “Best Practices in the Use of Wireless Technology”, to share them with principals who will share with school staff and their students and make available, “Exploring Wireless Safety for Our Children” online. Ms. Doucette shared her process of discovering the dangers of WiFi and of getting her school district to listen and adopt "Best Practices for Wireless Use in the Schools".
     Until Fiscal Year 2016, only four Worcester schools had WiFi but wireless access points had been installed in all classroom and common areas at 27 schools throughout the city - at a cost of $315,000 to the city leveraged with the help of $1.8 million in federal E‐Rate funds. 
[653b]  Systems used in schools emit much more radiofrequency radiation than wireless routers typically found elsewhere because they must serve many computers simultaneously.  In fact the city's schools have over 7,400 computers and 2,700 iPads with 2 Gb/s wireless connectivity to all 53 locations for their 25,000 students. [653c]

     Authors of The Bioinitiative Report warned against wireless use in schools:


*nervous system effects in 68% of studies on RF (144 of 211 studies) in 2014
*phones & tablets are big sources of unnecessary biological stress to mind & body that chip away resilience over time
*[Wi-Fi] “is essentially an unregulated experiment on children's health and learning."
*"Microwave from wireless tech disrupts thinking – what could be worse for learning?  Technology can be used more safely with wired devices that do not produce these biologically-disruptive levels of microwave radiation” said Cindy Sage, Co-Editor of the BioInitiative Report."
*"Federal programs like ConnectED and E-Rate are calling for wireless classrooms while ignoring the health evidence.  Hyperactivity, concentration problems, anxiety, irritability, disorientation, distracted behavior, sleep disorders, and headaches are reported in clinical studies."

     An article articulated on possible negative consequences of Wi-Fi and RF exposure on children including cancer risks, behavioral changes, cardiovascular irregularities and sleep disorders. [654]  In April, 2016, "...an Israeli TV documentary titled “How We are Killing Ourselves—Wireless Radiation” won a high rating and Haifi ordered Wi-Fi removed from all schools." [655] 

     In 2013 a number of researchers and others urged the Las Angeles School District to 

use wired instead of wireless connections. [656]  The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) issued a public warning in 2012:  “Adverse health effects from wireless radio frequency fields, such as learning disabilities, altered immune responses, and headaches, clearly exist and are well documented in the scientific literature. Safer technology, such as use of hard‐ wiring, is strongly recommended in schools.”  and warned the Los Angeles Public Schools [656a] that the WiFi systems in schools have to be more powerful than similar systems elsewhere due to having to run 100s of computers simultaneously. They are also exposing children all day, for their entire childhood. This is an unprecedented exposure with unknown outcome on the health and reproductive potential of a generation.  "To install this system in Los Angeles risks a widespread public health question that the medical system is not yet prepared to answer."  and in 2013 issued a Position on Wireless RF in Schools. [656b]   

     Non-thermal levels of microwave radiation cause genetic damage in our children and one reason Wi-Fi is now being favored in schools is that no holes need to be drilled form hard wiring which can also be eliminated.  The cost of installation is reduced but genetic damage is being done to ovarian eggs, for instance. [657]  


Wireless Laws Worldwide

     See a compilation of policies & recommendations of governments at all levels

regarding the use of Wi-Fi and cellphones in schools and in general. [658] 



Turn It Off 4 Kids (4 page Brochure)

National Association for Children and Safe Technology (NACST)



June 19, 2014

Congressional Candidate Kevin Mottus Interview

re. dangers of wireless radiation‏

One of the best radio interviews on this topic, Kevin is a school social worker in California


Boil the Frog Slowly with special guest Kevin Mottus (52 minutes)


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